Here's what some of our students have to say about our training;

"Informative, comprehensive, entertaining and essential. The GRADD Part 107 Course is all that and more."
Robert D. - Former Army Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot

This was great! With just the materials provided I was able to pass my Part 107 in a matter of 3 weeks. Attending every class, I felt I walked away with more knowledge. There is a difference reading and preparing, but each week, it was good to break it down and have a better understanding. Anyone interested in taking there Part 107, I will definitely be recommending them.
Machly D. - US Army Veteran

I started class thinking I would have the time to study. Life changing events happened several times over the last couple of months which has made it difficult to find the time or energy to study. Saturday classes and and online content are extremely well put together and flexible. I enjoy and look forward to Saturday morning coffee and drone and class afterwards. It’s always fun, challenging and well presented. Thank you for the education and escape. You’re allowing me to extend has been very helpful to me in many ways and I can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding.
- John T.

The course is full of valuable information and the Saturday morning sessions help solidify the learning! Thank you so much for the Part 107 education and the extra valuable information on Saturdays. Reza, you and the rest of the team did an amazing job! Thanks for this opportunity!
Michael S. - USAF Veteran, AF JROTC Instructor

I am a retired, (2012), aviation professional. I started working with aircraft in 1970 and enlisted in the USAF in 1974. During my career I have been an aircraft mechanic, (FAA-Air frame & Power plant Cert, FCC Radio Telephone Repair, with RADAR endorsement, USAF-7 level master Mech), a Flight Engineer, (USAF C-141A&B, KC-10, CIA C-130, B-707, L-182, FAA-Turbo Jet & Turboprop FE Cert), a pilot, (CIA C-130, B-707, CIV, general aviation, FAA-Commercial, Instrument, Multi Engine Cert. I also was an aircraft accident/incident investigator, a Quality Control Inspector, Quality Assurance manager, and Chief FAA Inspector for a major aircraft manufacturer MRO. I retired with around 12,000 hours in the air. I have been wanting to be a part of the aviation field again and luckily found GRADD and Reza. GRADD and Reza have been a great experience to get me back into aviation, good study habits, and provided a "community" of other aviation enthusiast that are specifically training for the burgeoning drone pilot experience. I look forward to the Saturday training sessions. They are lively, informative, fun and give you results. There is a lot of opportunity in this new market and GRADD is probably the best way to get yourself ready to take advantage of it.
Kevin H. - USAF Veteran

I was introduced to part 107 class from a coworker. This news came at a great time. I am currently serving the country with the USN, and my 21 year career is closing, and this is just in time to begin opening new doors of opportunities. I really appreciate the family environment that Reza brings to the weekly trainings. I look forward to continuing my participation. I truly appreciate the understanding and the availability of the course.
Jose O. - Active duty USN

As a disabled veteran, I appreciated this opportunity to learn about drone flying and becoming a licensed drone operator due to this course. It is helping me prepare to transition into the profession. Reza's support and training in and out of class made the experience very personal. His excitement for aviation rekindled the same excitement in myself. Thank you.
Kirk D. - USAF Veteran

I took the class as a means of gaining another skill set after I retire. The class was informative and the instructors are professional and willing to help any way they can. The class definitely prepared my for the FAA part 107 test. I scored a 92 with relative ease. You put the work in and you will do well.
Jim B. - USAF Veteran - HS Teacher

The opportunity to learn from an experienced presenter such as Reza, who is not just another "college instructor", but somebody who has been in, and still works in the field is invaluable. Someone who can present real life scenarios that a future PIC will experience is invaluable and worth it's weight in gold.
Adam C. - US Military Veteran

Informative, comprehensive, entertaining and essential. The GRADD Part 107 Course is all that and more. It's hard to imagine a more rigorous course to prepare you for the Part 107 Exam. The course is run by a team of passionate, experienced instructors on a mission to help drone hobbyists become professional drone pilots. Very well executed and very highly recommended.
Robert D. - Former Army Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot

Reza is an expert instructor and thrives in the environment he has created at GRADD. His enthusiasm is infectious and the personal experiences he includes greatly add towards the understanding of not just the course content, but also wider understanding of SUAS operations. These experiences also spare you from having to learn things the hard (and expensive) way yourself. Not only will you pass the Part 107 exam, you will also come away a far more rounded and safe operator.
Nickolas L. - Active RAF MQ-9 Pilot

I was personally blown away at what I learned taking this course. It has opened my eyes to what Drone Technology is currently capable of as well as a glimpse into the future of what sUAS has in store for the world.
Rick B. - USAF Veteran

Being a high school student interested in aerospace engineering and aviation, I've had difficulty finding any programs to teach me practical skills needed to succeed in the field. However, the GRADD FAA 107 course taught me needed skills for my future career, and cemented my passions in aerospace. Thank you for the experience, and I can't wait to put my new abilities to use in the skies!
Anna Z. - HS Student with passion for Aerospace

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